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Neepish. the world language of Neepoy, was primarily a naming language. Unfortunately all material relating to Neepoy is lost or destroyed (though it's possible that "lost" merely means "lurking in the bottom of a box of papers somewhere"), but the following is true to the best of my memory.

It used only sounds found in English, and I usually spelt it using the Roman alphabet with diacritics for vowels and diphthongs (the same ones typically used in pronunciation guides in Canadian textbooks). I believe I did develop a Neepish alphabet with one-to-one phonemic correspondence, however.

It saw little use beyond as a naming language, but I do recall that Kandō Kala meant "Merry Christmas"—or, more precisely, Kala was the festival of the incarnation of the second person of the Trinity on Neepoy, rather than on Earth—so evidently it had some further development.